Meet The Owner


Tiera Lands


Tiera R. Lands has over five years' experience as a car sales representative.“ Working in this field is  when I started understanding and realizing the importance of Social Security numbers, and I witnessed how a person having “bad credit” required a higher deposit to obtain a car than those paid by a person who had taken care of their finances.  I can't express how many times I have worked my referral base and had numerous customers in to buy a car, let's say maybe 15 clients a day!!! Sounds easy right?

Well, the majority of my clients would not get approved for a vehicle because of their credit situation. It would hurt me so bad to see my clients catching the bus, paying $20.00 to catch rides, riding in cars that would break down on them etc.; but, what really affected me the most was when my customers were laughed at by my coworkers and managers because of their credit scores.  

They were judged because of their past history.  Imagine going to a dealership and they tell you what type of car you can get in.  You have no option to choose which kind YOU want and if you didn't like what they put you in you had to continue walking!  I have seen interest rates as high as 28%, but, when Jane Doe walked in it was a 1.9% rate...  
I'm sorry, but none of the schools I attended taught me about credit and how credit is really the key to life!! I don't care how much cash you have, CREDIT IS KEY!!!
Well, those same coworkers and managers that laughed at my credit-challenged customers have motivated me to open my own business, "Virtuous Credit Solutions!"  This way, I'm going to help so many people get those same 1.9% interest rates, walk on the lot, and tell those car salesmen what type of car they want, buy their first homes, open their own business, etc..